Am I delegating tasks or am I delegating authority?

I find it’s much easier to just delegate the task and retain the authority. But clearly that’s not the best way to delegate. Of course, it’s far better to delegate the authority or at least both the authority and the task. Unfortunately, that takes time, which I may not think I have – and a level of competence to take on the task in the person being delegated to that I might not have confidence in. And in some cases, it’s a reluctance to give up a task that I enjoy doing or one that I do really well that reminds me (and hopefully others) how good I used to be at it. Enough about me, the issue is that I need to take risks and delegate both the authority and the task so that the receiver has the ability to do the task well. Or because they now have the authority, they might change the task and make it more successful than I had envisioned it. On the other hand, they might misuse the authority – but their growth (and mine) is worth it in the long run.

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