When I speak to others, does my body language match my verbal language? Am I sending mixed messages?

As much as I would prefer to ignore it, studies show that how I say something and what my body says is more memorable than “what” is say. Content should be king – it’s why we spend so much time on what we are going to say. But we’ve all seen enough phony politicians who said all the right things, but we didn’t believe a word. Somehow, who I am, speaks louder than the words I say out loud. So the question is – do I truly believe what I’m saying? Because if I don’t, they will know. I won’t be able to hide it. My gestures will seem contrived, my expressions won’t match the words I’m saying – as much as I’m trying to convince myself and others. Mixed messages aren’t’ fooling anyone – even I know the integrity of the message isn’t there. Perhaps it’s time to say what I truly believe instead of what I used to believe or want to believe.

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