What do people most often criticize about my leadership? Is there something I should change?

Of course the first step is that I have to identify what people most often criticize. Perhaps the first step is to actually get past denial – to believe that someone somewhere is criticizing my leadership. Do they feel like I am unfair or that I play favorites or maybe that I don’t listen? Let’s dig further. Do they feel like I am unfair because I am truly unfair? Or could it be that I choose options that they don’t like or that they don’t personally gain from? Of course, I can justify and rationalize almost anything in my mind, so I have to be careful. This is also my opportunity to listen to the most common criticism and decide if it requires a change in my behavior or a change in their perception or should it just be ignored like so many other criticisms. Are there faces to the names that I have been unfair to? Did I make unfair choices to improve my station or was there a more altruistic reason?

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