Is there enough trust in our organization for people to be able to say what they need to?

As the leader, I might say, “Of course! I love getting feedback.” However, what would others around me say – especially those that I don’t work with directly? What kind of culture have we created? Is it one where there is authentic trust and an understanding that it is important to speak out and provide constructive feedback? Or perhaps in our rush to grow, we have discouraged negative thoughts and feedback. Maybe we don’t trust others to have the same mission and vision that we have. Or it could be that we have created a competitive internal culture and everyone inside feels like they are fighting for the best jobs – and that saying something out loud could be used against them. It’s a difficult task to build trust. Where do we start – who needs to start? It’s probably me – it has to start with me. I need to trust others and act and speak in a way that builds trust.

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