Is our trust for each other growing the longer we work together or is it staying the same?

I enjoy working on teams – formal or informal. As we get to know each person’s strengths and weaknesses, we learn who is best at doing a particular task or part of the project. We learn each other’s idiosyncrasies and we learn when someone needs encouragement or needs to be challenged. Like a good basketball team, we know when and who to pass the ball to. And usually, we learn to trust each other more and more as we work together. But on some teams I’ve worked on, the trust in each other doesn’t grow. In fact, as we learn each other’s weaknesses, we begin to focus on them and we see only what we can’t do – and our chances of a success shrink. The increasing levels of trust is now something that I look for on any team I work on. But it starts with me. Am I willing to search for the unique strengths of each team member (including my own) and help figure out how to combine them into a force that can achieve success? It seems to me that a team of superstars rarely wins – it’s the team that knows each other’s strengths and has a high level of trust that ends up succeeding.

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