Is misinformation causing us delays?

Often, it happens as we are working on “Plan A” and someone brings forth some information, that they believe to be true, that makes Plan A unworkable. Instead of challenging the information, we all take it at face value. As a result, we don’t do Plan A. So we start working on “Plan B” that is much more difficult, but we believe can be done. Then one of our less gullible individuals decides to check out the statement that was made about Plan A and discovers it not to be true (to be fair, sometimes it “used to be” true). We’re all thrilled that we can go back to Plan A, we’re mad at the person who gave us bad information – and we’ve usually lost a lot of time. Usually after this happens, I make a commitment to challenge all statements that might impact our projects or goals. But time goes by and I begin to trust what others say without any questions (basically I get lazy). Then I find myself believing something that someone says without questioning and get into the same mess. Again.

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