How much time do I spend serving those who report to me? How much time do they spend serving me?

I always spent a lot of time helping others. But I noticed that as I moved up higher on the leadership chart, I spent more time being served than serving. I don’t think it was intentional, but as I moved up, others would say, “Let me take care of that” or “You shouldn’t have to spend your time doing that.” Slowly, the things that I used to do for others, based on my own gifts and talents were being handled by someone else so that I could spend my time “leading.” It made sense at the time, but I soon discovered that I began to lose my enthusiasm if I just spent my time making decisions – like some king of ancient days sitting on his throne. With some effort I began to discover new ways of serving others as the leader. It’s a different way of serving, but the rewards are very similar. As I have looked around at other leaders, it seems like the best ones have figured out how to serve others while leading – in fact, it seems to be the primary purpose of their leadership.

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