How much time are we spending actually analyzing the situation before we make a decision?

The balance between analyzing/planning and doing is a dynamic one and while there are guidelines, every situation is different. It seems like spending more time analyzing, thinking and planning would always seem the better way to go – just to make sure the decision is the right one. But once we delay the decision, it moves the target delivery date by a few days or weeks. And once we mentally get past the first delay, we want to make sure we spend additional time thinking/discussing it – and then delay it again when we still don’t have complete clarity. And delay again. And again. In our efforts to track down all the options and potential problems, we ended up running down a number of rabbit trails chasing unclear issues that caused more delays. The reality is that since we delayed the target date, our discussions seem to have less focus and we start talking and analyzing all sorts of issues that don’t get us closer to making a decision. It’s time to make a decision – it’s time to commit.

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