Am I on a hamster wheel and refusing to recognize that I’m not getting anywhere? What needs to change?

I enjoy working hard, but sometimes I get caught up in a big project that requires a lot of focused effort. So I put my head down and start working… and working… and working. I forget to look up and see if I’ve actually moved the ball down the field – or am I in pretty much the same spot as when I started? Oh sure, I finished this and that and worked on a bunch of different tasks – but it appears that they really didn’t help me more closer to the goal. As if to underline the futility, I grit my teeth, put my head down and work even harder, thinking that working even harder will get me there. Sadly, when I look up, the goal is still in the distance and it doesn’t look like we’ve moved forward much. That’s when I think about the hamster wheel and realize it’s time to stop and get some perspective and do some analysis. Clearly the tasks that I originally put together, while looking brilliant at the time, aren’t helping us get to the goal. At least now I know what isn’t going to work. Time to rethink and make sure we have a much better plan before getting back to work.

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